Sunday, August 29, 2010

At Sea

With the sway of the boat, the moments tick past
like the pendulum of a grandfather clock.
I count those moments,
and lose track,
and count again,
my focus flowing and ebbing like the tide.

And with waves washing over my already wet boots,
my waterlogged toes gasp for a breath of air . . .
only to have another wave bury them again.
Fingers grab at the yellow rubber coat,
begging for relief, searching for some reprieve
from the onslaught of water and salt.

But as rain drops from the sky, the waves wash up the legs,
laughing at the inane thoughts of keeping dry,
The wind sneezes in my face
like an infant with a cold,
not realizing how inconsiderate it is being.

And yet, I find a smile on my face,
for the waves,
and rain,
and ocean wind are close friends,
able to get away with the snide remark,
able to have the hurtful actions looked over,
able to just be themselves, and be accepted as they are.

And as I near the time to join my family again,
I know that I will again visit my friends.
And they will tease.
And they will taunt.
And they will tell me of my weakness,
and I will smile, with wet feet and wind blown hair,
and joy in my heart for the company I enjoy,
when I am away from home.

(Don't know where this one came from. I don't normally write free form, but this just felt right today.)


nikki said...

very nice - it makes me want to be on a ship, and I get sea sick!

OceanSwells said...

Except for a few, most people get over their seasicknesses after a few days. Doesn't help people on cruise ships much, but it works well for those that work offshore.

Carol said...

I like.